Race Medals and Swag – Part 2

Yesterday I dove into the topic of race medals. I mentioned that there are really two different kinds of people, those who love their medals, and those who don’t care. We talked about folks who like their medals, and some who will run races because of the medal. Today, I’d like to talk about the other end of the spectrum: those who don’t care about them.

I run with someone who has told me that if a race really wants to give out something on a ribbon, they should give all runners a bottle opener. Here is where I would like to point out that I did actually run a race that did that. In fact, I have three medals that are bottle openers. But anyway, his point being that medals are more or less useless, and just tell you that you’ve paid to cover a certain distance, which you already knew.

And I think that’s where we meet our separation between the two types of people I’ve mentioned. For runners who lean more toward the competitive side, you will likely see less and less who care about the finisher medal. Because they are in the race to compete either against other runners, or themselves. At that stage, you really don’t need a medal to tell you that you ran a distance you otherwise could have run on your own (probably).

I can see both sides of this spectrum. Like I said yesterday, I have my medals, but just hang them on a plastic shelf. So they are really just collecting dust right now. At the same time, I probably give them more love than others in my running group. And that, I guess, is the beauty about race medals. Just like runners, no idea or thought about medals are the same. You aren’t right or wrong if you like the medals. And you aren’t right or wrong if you don’t care one bit.

Tomorrow, we’ll hit Part 3 of this quick series. We’ll be talking about when races give you something other than a medal (which I love).

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