Running Form

I’ll probably dive into more depth on this at a later time. However, I was thinking about running form a little bit on my Monday run. Ever since I finished Born to Run, I have both been a little more aware of both my form, and of others.

Foot strike is the main thing almost everyone talks about. I read a statistic somewhere that about 90% of runners are heel strikers (including yours truly). All research says that a mid-foot strike is the most efficient, and that seems to make sense. Less time on the ground and all that.

At times, I think that I’m moving toward a mid-foot strike, as I’ve noticed I’m running better and more comfortably in my lower heel drop shoes. And many times I’ll catch myself heel striking all the way down the road. So it is what it is. If you ever want to have a perfect mid-foot strike, though, run barefoot through the grass. I’ll do this post run a couple times a week. It doesn’t feel too much different, but seems like I have less “pop.” Maybe that’s because I’m worried about stepping on something.

If you want to see a human with an amazing mid-foot strike, watch kids run around. I’m not even kidding.

Run: Remember when I said I wanted 10 miles? Nope, that didn’t happen. I always forget that the Ledges has an obscene amount of stairs. I traversed a mere four miles, but wound up with a little over 700 feet of elevation gain. Who said Iowa was flat anyway?

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