Full disclosure, talking about recovery is something that I decided to do just today. Taking Recovery Runs, and not going all out almost every chance I can get is something that I really struggle with. In my mind (and I’m working on moving away from this) most of my runs should be at a good clip, to get used to running that pace. Of course, last summer and fall, that likely played a large roll in my being injured.

Since then, I have backed off at times, mostly in regards to my pace, and not dropping quick times on a training run too soon after a race. Of course, that sometimes happens. But looking at my own recent running history, sometimes mileage and slower pace seems to not be the worst thing for my races.

So heading into the Rock N Sole, only a week and a half away, I’m trying to keep my runs in line. Did that include pounding out a 7 miler at 6:36 pace? Yes. Did that happen twice (roughly)? Yes. But I’ve been able to target my long runs to fall around that 7-7:20 pace which has always eluded me.

But anyway. Recovery after races is what I really wanted to talk about. Between April 9 and May 7, I ran a race all but one weekend. Going from Beer and Bagel, to the Cherry Creek Sneak, to Pony Express, to Market to Market, it was a busy month. and while I ran well at Beer and Bagel, and Market to Market, the middle races were not kind to me, pace wise.

I read once that if you run a race, your recovery before either another race or a hard workout should be (in days) the amount of miles you ran. So if you run a 10 mile race, your next hard workout should not be for 10 days. Sometimes, I think this is a bit excessive. Am I going to wait two weeks, or a month after a Half or Full? No. But I think there is some merit to it. I’ve run a Half six days after a Half, and a Full seven days after a 10, and both times that second race was brutal. I don’t like taking recovery, but it looks like (in my times) the longer I wait between races, the better I do. Hmmmm.

Run: Without any of my main running companions, it looked like a slower paced night for me at the Vardo run, which has recently turned into a Tuesday 5 miler since no one is willing to go past that. Well, I did get a bit slower pace, but Matt and I put down a crazy negative split over six miles. We had all the humidity, but it really was a phenomenal run. If only I could figure out this negative split thing on my own.

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