Back at It

I think last time I wrote that I was going to be more consistent with this blog I ended up writing a solid two weeks before falling off the wagon. I guess that happens when six people leave your office in a month and you have to pick up that slack.

So I’m back. Again. And I have a lot to catch up on!

The last post I had was at the end of December. So I guess it’s time for some updates from what I said I had coming up in early 2017. All of these will be on my Race Recaps page as well, so check that out!

Overall, training has been going very well. No injuries (knock on wood), and I’ve been very consistent with training and cross training. Not so much with lifting this cycle, unfortunately. But my mileage is up from what I prepped for Twin Cities, which mentally is great!

The first race of 2017 was the 5k edition of the Ice Breaker Indoor Marathon in Milwaukee. An indoor 5k on a 440 meter, three lane track. That’s not a typo. I was also coming off a bout with the flu heading into this race. So I definitely was not optimally trained. I dropped a 19:33, which was far from my best. But it was good enough for 11th place, and considering I wasn’t 100% for this race, I would take it.

Next up was my long awaited return to the Frozen Feet Half up in Minnesota. Unfortunately, with the mild winter we had in the midwest, it wasn’t so frozen. Instead of single track, we had to run multiple loops on the bike path in the park. To add to that, the night before it had rained and froze, meaning that the path was coated in ice. Brutal. Ran almost an identical time to what I posted last year,  in what I thought were much worse conditions, so that wasn’t the worst, but still not a great race for me.

March was a big month as I signed up, on a whim, for the Leprechaun Chase 10k. I was excited to run my first 10k since July, and was curious to see how my pacing at quicker speeds would work out. Turns out, ice would curtail my race plans again. With the amount of ice on the path around the lake, the race made the decision to run a 5k instead of a 10k. So a surprise 5k it was! My race was much more in line with a normal 5k for me, especially at that point in my training. I’m still a little salty about having to run a 5k, though.

That takes us to the big bad Music City Trail Ultra (a 50k) that was the next weekend. This race billed itself as one of the hardest ultras in the area, and it did not disappoint. Long steep climbs, technical trails, and all the stream crossings you could want were featured here. It was a race in which only about five people per year go under 6 hours, and that held true this year as well with only six finishers (including yours truly) coming in under 6.

And that brings us to April. The other weekend I signed up for a spur of the moment half which I ran the day after a 24 mile long run. Woof. My legs haven’t been that uncomfortable in a Half in a long time. But notching a 7:05 pace was more than fine in that situation. This next weekend I’m opting in for the La Jolla Half, which I ran in 2015 as well. It marks my last long(ish) training run before the Lincoln Marathon.

So here we go! Almost marathon time!!

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