Go To Workout

For many runners, we’re closing in on peak training, or getting set to taper for a Spring Marathon (unless you ran Boston). As we all know, long runs are the staple in any marathon training plan.

Personally, I hit my longest run 4 weeks out from my marathon date. And followed that run up with a Half the next day. A little different than what I did for Twin Cities, so we’ll see how that goes.

But this post is not about the long run. It’s about that one workout everyone has in their training plan. The one that is probably the hardest that you’ll do. The one that lets you know if you are ready for 26.2.

For me, that workout was last night. Again, a little later than Twin Cities training. But with the La Jolla Half this weekend, and a week of travel for work coming up, I didn’t want to pound my legs less than two weeks away. Freshness is the key for me.

I hate going to the track. But this particular workout is clutch. I get about 3.5 miles of work and (depending on warmup and cooldown) somewhere between 7-8 miles total. Last time I ran this it was in a thunderstorm, and last night was into a fierce headwind on the back stretch of the track.

I managed to hit paces that I was happy with, and that’s what really matters. With that workout in, my last hardest thing will be attacking the hills at the La Jolla Half this weekend. From there, I’ll have one or two trips to my friends at the November Project, and it’ll be all taper from there.

So what is your go to workout? Do you hit the track? Hills? Or do you knock it out on the roads?

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