“Why You No Like Us Anymore?”

I think most of us runners have, in some capacity, a group of people that we run with.

Whether all of your runs are with an organized group, or if you just have some friends that you get some miles in with. We all, likely, run with other people at some point or another.

I’m big on group runs, especially for those Saturday morning long runs. It’s a lot easier to get 15+ miles in with a group of people than it is to do it solo. But sometimes, I think, it’s good to fire off some long runs on your own.

The title of this post is something that was said to me by a member of my running group here in Ames. I haven’t been at a group run in over a month. Yes, running a crap ton of races did impact that. But now a big impact of this is coming with my new training schedule as laid down by my coach.

And as much as I love running with everyone in my group, I’m fine with this. My two best training cycles were the ones going into Grandma’s Marathon 2015 and for Milwaukee 2015 (until I got hurt of course). For both of those, I had a significant amount of time to myself on solo runs.

I’ve got a feeling that a lot of these solo runs will continue, as I continue to approach travel season.

It’s also good for me because, as I’ve mentioned on this blog, I tend to wind up running alone quite a bit in my marathons anyway.

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