Lets talk about goals.

We all have them when it comes to running, regardless of talent or competitive levels. For some it’s time goals, for others it’s just making sure you run consistently through the week.

Today, I wanted to talk about my upcoming race goals. My schedule isn’t as jam packed as normal with races, which I’ve done deliberately to focus on my upcoming fall races.

First up is actually this weekend with Gopher to Badger. If you’ve followed this blog, or just know me, you know my affinity to this race. I love it. I feel like right now I’m in shape enough to chase my Half PR this weekend. Of course, last time I made that attempt I chased way too hard at the Rock N Sole Half, and had a bad time in the last half of the race. Still, getting that PR is the goal.

After that, I don’t go again until the Milwaukee Marathon. And the goal for that remains the same. Go and get under three hours and qualify for Boston.

Then, naturally, I’ve got Indianapolis a mere three weeks after Milwaukee. That one is going to be much more for fun. I’ve got a couple buddies running that, so it might be a nice opportunity to run 26.2 with them around one of my favorite cities.

Of course in November you’ve also got your obligatory Turkey Trot races, but that’s neither here nor there.

The next goal race for me will be my return to Nashville for the Music City Trail Ultra. Last year I finished 5th. I’d like to improve that finish to a top 3 effort this year.

And finally my lofty, and stretch, goal. I’m planning to finally tackle the 50 mile distance in May at the Ice Age Trail 50 in Wisconsin. Honestly, that should be the goal in and of itself. But it’s not. Guys, I’d like to win.

But that’s it! That’s what I’m training for, and setting my sights on. And it starts with Gopher to Badger this weekend.

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