Trust in Training

Where did the last month go? Remember when I wrote about Travel and how that can effect training? Well, apparently it can effect blog posts as well. So let’s get caught up.

For most of us running a Fall Marathon, training is either hitting it’s peak this week, or just passed it’s peak a short while ago. Basically, from here on out it’s marathon weekend after marathon weekend.

I have friends lining up for the Quad Cities Marathon this coming weekend, and you better believe I’ll be following Eliud Kipchoge’s run at Berlin this week as well. The first weekend of October brings us to the Lakefront Marathon, which I’ll be volunteering at, and the Twin Cities Marathon, where I know more people running. The week after, I have a few more friends lining up for Chicago. Of course, October 15, is the Milwaukee Marathon for me, and the Des Moines Marathon for many in my running group. Those in my group not running Des Moines are toeing the line in Kansas City the week after. And then two weeks after that, I turn around to run Indianapolis with a friend.

With all of the races coming to a head, all of us running have been doing the same thing for the last few months: training.

Once, someone told me that no training plans go by smoothly; there is always something that disrupts you. This year for me it was a nagging cold (still nagging), for some it is injury, and others it could be a lack of time.

As I told a friend training for her first Full at Chicago this year, not every training run will be good. I experienced this on Saturday as I got bulldozed by a long workout. But it’s important to remember that one bad workout, or a couple missed miles, ultimately will not doom your race. Lots of bad workouts and missed miles will…but not one or two through a whole cycle.

We hear the adage all the time that you should trust your training and enjoy the race. I don’t know if I’ll ever think I’m “enjoying” my time in a Marathon or longer (or shorter for that matter), but trusting in training is key. As a personal example, I know that I’ve been hitting my workouts (with the exception of last Saturday), and in workouts and races I’ve been seeing stark improvement.

You always need to hope everything comes to together on race day, of course. But if you’ve done your training well, and you have confidence in it, you’ll make it through that Fall race just fine.

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