Its a valuable trait for a runner to have, but definitely one that some of us struggle with. For me, that definitely shows up in races, notably in the marathon and half marathon.

I have an issue of not running a Full very relaxed, which is something I need to work on. I run tight and get out a little quicker than I need to. And so far it comes back to get me almost every time.

In the Half, I typically find my way into a good pace and good pace group and consciously think “I need to stay with these people.” I normally don’t. And they normally beat me.

My best races, at every distance, has come when I am a little restrained and let the race come to me. Weird how that works.

Sometimes our patience gets tried in different ways. Currently, I’m dealing with an injury. Muscle pulls are the worst, guys. It helps that I don’t have an A Race on my schedule for a while, and don’t even have a structured plan in November.

Still, this Sunday will be three weeks from Milwaukee. I’ve run twice, and neither with good results.

Being patient is super important. But it sucks.

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