Shifting Focus

I think all of us have some type of goal/focus/plan (whatever you want to call it) for both our running and for our lives. Some of us may publicly advertise it more than others, but it’s present for everyone.

For me, the running goal was, and most certainly still is, qualify for Boston. Personally, I figured that my next stop after central Iowa would be back up in the Twin Cities. Most of my closest friends live in the area, it’s close to my alma mater, and I just like it up there.

On that note, after many swing and misses on job interviews for positions in the Cities, one of my coworkers told me (while I was en route to a race in Minnesota ironically) that maybe I need to say “Screw you” to the state.

And I kind of did. For those of you who know me, I’ve taken a role based out of the Chicago area. And that, as a Milwaukee native, still feels a bit weird. But that being said, I’m super excited to get back to a metro area and about learning about all the great things Chicago has to offer that I’ve never fully embraced.

Running has, and is, following a similar path. I’ve trained vigorously for that BQ time the last few years, but it has eluded me. I’ve often said that, until this year, my first marathon was what I was most prepared for. However, I made some classic first marathon mistakes which derailed the day. This year, I felt in equally good shape for Milwaukee, but if you read my recap, you know nothing went well. All that said, and Twin Cities is my PR, a race that I probably ran right on my ability based on the training I had going in.

However, as many of you reading this know, racing marathons and not getting the results you want can be mentally taxing. And I know that the marathon just hasn’t fallen into place for me yet. The Half finally did this year, and the 10k did last summer. Keep working, and good things will happen.

I believe that, but I think mentally it’s good to have a break, or a different focus. And that’s what I’m doing this spring. Spring marathons have never been kind to me, so this year I’m going to attempt to circumvent that by not having an A Race in the Spring.

Instead, I’ll be shifting to the trails, and longer distances. Currently, I have four races planned for the Spring, and three are on the trails. A Half, 50k, and 50 Mile (the 50 mile being my goal race).

And I’m super excited for it! I’ve had moderate success on the trails, most of which has come by accident. Time to see what will happen when I train for trails.

New town, new distances. Let’s go 2018!

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