Ode to the Running Store

My plan was to sit down to a nice dinner and hammer away at some work emails. But the server is apparently down for our CRM, so it’s blog time instead.

This one came to my head this past weekend. Anyone who knows me knows that I have ultimate brand loyalty, love, whatever you want to call it, to the running store in my hometown: Performance Running Outfitters.

Trae, the owner, was one of our track coaches when I started track as a high school freshman. I’m not even sure if he remembers that I was on that team (because I was actually terrible). But that was when PRO was just starting out, and its where we ALWAYS went to buy our spikes for both cross country and track.

As time progressed, you’d see super speedy dudes (relative to my HS self) in the PRO singlets. I always figured I’d never be able to wear one of those, and it became that one piece of gear I really wanted to have.

Fast forward to this past summer, and I became a member of the PRO Race Team. A couple local races here, and some volunteering there, and that blue and black singlet is mine to wear for every race.

As I mentioned to Trae on a run this past weekend, I compare every running store to PRO.

And I consider myself lucky to have found a comparable one in Naperville; complete with it’s own running community.

I’ll definitely wear my Naperville Running Co gear. Especially my blanket/sweatshirt and winter hat.

But my races are reserved for my PRO gear. And as long as they’ll have me, they always will be.

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