Thanksgiving Week

Ah Thanksgiving. A short week of work, lots of food, and (of course) the obligatory Turkey Trot.

I think almost everyone will, at some point this week, post a blog, tweet, Insta, or Facebook post about being thankful for this, that, and the other things. And you better believe that this is my blog post about that.

This will be the second Thanksgiving in three years that I’m coming off a running injury. And the second time that I was sidelined primarily due to racing the Milwaukee Marathon.

I haven’t been able to really turn lose running yet, although my runs are continuing to improve in quality and ease. Much like two years ago, I’m not sure what I can do in this 8k. I surprised myself last time, and am hoping that happens again. I know my muscle pull still isn’t 100%, but it’s close. And to be honest, two years ago, I probably wasn’t 100% until late January, so this is a little more of the same I think.

It’s also always a nice reminder to just be thankful that I’m able to get out and run. Nevermind being able to compete in races, or rather to even race in general. Any time that we, as runners, are forced to take time off always helps put things in perspective. I know that I’m thrilled to just be able to get back out and go.

Spring training is right around the corner, and I’m thrilled about the fact that I’ll be able to be able to continue working toward my goals.

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