Crazy? Maybe. Cold? Definitely.

You guys, it’s been a cold week. Since the past weekend, the warmest temps I’ve run in have been 10 degrees. The coldest? -5. It hasn’t been pleasant.

Land I know I complain about winter a lot, but this has been excessive. Plus those first few miles in the cold and the wind aren’t fun.

I normally joke that more than half of my tunning attire is cold weather gear. These are the weeks, though, where I’m happy that’s an accurate statement. I’ve been especially thankful for my Nike Shield jacket. I’ve talked about this bad boy before, but it’s the top of the line Nike jacket (with reflective sleeves!) and it does it’s job. I’m protected from the wind, which is clutch in this weather, and my upper body is pretty darn warm.

I don’t call it the super jacket for nothing.


Normally I dial up only one pair of tights, which for me is fine. On super cold and windy days (looking at you, last Sunday) I’ll throw a base layer underneath as well.

My hurdle is my hands. I only have one pair of mittens and a few of gloves. My hands are always cold when I run, so I need warmth. So if you have a pair of running mittens you really like, I’d love some suggestions!

I’ll notch about 40 miles this week, and all have been in the cold. Sometimes I wonder why I live in the Midwest. Today I wondered why I decided to train for a 50 mile in winter. But no matter what, I’ll still avoid the treadmill.

What do you do to stay warm when running in these cold months?

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