How Lucky Are We?

I had this idea for a post around Mile 3 of my run yesterday through the Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve, just south of Chicago. And then the same sentiment was brought up on Dave Letterman’s new Netflix show in his interview with Barack Obama.

Of course, I’m going to dial this back to focus on runners, as opposed to the grand scale that Letterman and Obama are at.

But how lucky are we as runners?

How many activities allow us, both in terms of travel and physical ability, to see some of the things we’re able to see?

From running up a mountain to be able to look over the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, to getting quality miles through the back trails in Muir Woods, to trails in the Rockies, to the fields of Iowa, to downtown Chicago, to the mountains outside Nashville, and all the way up to Maine in the middle of October.

Those are just some of the areas that running has been able to take me.

Like the case of yesterday, to be able to know I need 9 miles, and decide to tackle it all in a beautiful forest preserve. How many people outside of runners and bikers can say that?

How lucky that, when a friend asks you to think about pacing or crewing for his 100 Mile effort at Eastern States, you are able to seriously consider it.

Whether it be national, state, or just local parks, our legs are able to take us to incredibly beautiful places on beautiful trails that so many people are unable to see.

If you’re an urban runner, what better way to be able to explore and really get the feel for a city? Two of my favorite ever runs have been through downtown San Francisco.

Next time you’re hitting the trails, or the concrete of a city, take a moment to realize where you are. And how lucky you are to be there, and be running through these amazing places.

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