Training Update

It occurred to me that I’ve spent the last few blog posts strolling down memory lane and/or talking about how cool running is and all that. But I haven’t given an update on how my training is going. So I figured I’d give a brief update while I have a chance before I run off to inspire (I hope) some HS sophomores to be excited for the college search process.

In short, training has gone very well so far.

Some of you know that I got myself injured in the closing miles of the Milwaukee Marathon, forcing me into about a month off of consistent running. I had already pre-determined that December would be the start of this training cycle; which basically meant it started after my Turkey Trot, which was like my 4th run after the marathon.

The story of the past few weeks, of course, has been the cold weather. I think I went a week straight without running in positive degrees. This past week, I even wussed out and hit the treadmill, although that had more to do with the snow than the cold.

And this is a long training cycle for me. For those of you who don’t know, my Goal Race for the Spring is the Ice Age 50 Mile in May. December to May is a LONG training cycle guys.

So what has this consisted of so far? Well, for starters, my coach has dialed up the intensity and mileage for my speed workouts. Last week was a combination of 1200s, 1600s, and hills. I wanted to die.

He’s also ramping up the mileage for me, which I really like. Now, I might be singing a different tune later in the cycle. Double weekend long runs will be tough. I did some of that in my prep for Grandma’s 2015, and my fall 2015 marathon before getting injured. But something about the prospect of a 20 mile Saturday followed by a 20 mile Sunday (yes, I get to do that) seems exhausting.

But, again, I love it so far. Since I began working with Skelly last summer, I’ve PR’d in two of three races. And yes, one of those was the Turkey Trot after being sidelined. The only  non-PR was the Milwaukee Marathon where, if you remember correctly, everything that went wrong did go wrong. And it was still my second fastest marathon finish.

I haven’t talked about it much on here, but I finally get to kick off the 2018 race season on Saturday! I’ll be running the F3 5k on Saturday in Chicago. Super stoked to see all my fellow BibRave Pros there, and also to test my fitness.

I told Skelly, the last time I’ve run a 5k healthy, not the same day as PRing the 10k, and not the day after running 22 miles was in February of 2016. So I really don’t know what I’ll be able to bust out.

But never fear, my next post is sure to be the F3 race recap!!

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