Counting Down to Cowtown – Marathon Playlist

I can count the amount of times that I’ve listened to music in a race on one hand – three.

And let’s be perfectly clear, those races have not gone well. The first time was actually my very first Half Marathon. I opted for a playlist consisting entirely of Katy Perry and Iggy.

Don’t judge.

The second time/attempt was my ill fated attempt at running injured at Milwaukee in 2015. And the third was my slowest Full (yet…highest overall and age group finish) to date.

So why, you may wonder, am I opting for music at the Cowtown?

It’s fairly simple, and boils down to a couple factors. I do listen to music on pretty much all of my training runs. That’s one. The other is that most of my training runs are solo, and I have every expectation of running solo for a majority of the Cowtown.

So I figured, why not?

Plus, using AfterShokz makes it so much easier to have my music, and my ears too.

Now the question that you’re probably asking, or at least wondering, is what I listen to when I run, and what has ultimately made it onto my playlist.

In short, it’s a weird mix.

Lots of country. But we’ve also got some Katy Perry, The Fray, Iggy, and yes, even some Frozen.

Turns out, the playlist is coming in at a convenient 55 songs, which I hopefully will not hear all of if the Cowtown goes well.

What are some of your go to songs, if you listen to music when you run?


3 comments on “Counting Down to Cowtown – Marathon Playlist”
  1. runeatralph says:

    I’m definitely a music kind of guy on race day, but I used a slightly different approach these days. I run without the music as long as possible and then use music when things start to get tougher, like calling in the reinforcements. Aftershokz are great for this approach because I can really enjoy the sounds of the race when I want to when I don’t want the music. I can even hear them a bit WITH the music if I want to.


    1. Ben says:

      I like that strategy. Although, as dumb as it sounds, I feel like if I tired to do that, I would forget I had music with me and would never listen to it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. runeatralph says:

        If that happens, you’ll likely be doing pretty well in your race! 🙂


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