How Athlinks Fuels the Modern Runner

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Hey everyone, we’re talking about Athlinks today in the Countdown to the Cowtown.

I don’t remember exactly when I stumbled upon Athlinks. It was definitely early on in my road racing career (if you will). I do know, I found it looking up my past results.

And that’s where Athlinks is SO clutch.

Once I started looking myself up, I found race results dating all the way back to my sophomore year of high school! I’m not so sure I needed to see results from 11 years ago, but there they are. Good thing they don’t come complete with pictures.

2007 HS Cross Country Results? Too Much.

While I might not remember when I discovered Athlinks, I do remember when I signed up for an account. I ran the Whale Challenge as a part of the Shamrock Marathon in 2016, and was able (encouraged by the website) to claim my second place finish in the challenge (8k and Marathon).

From there, I took to hunting down and claiming all of my old race results.

It’s also where I learned that there is another Ben Lamers running around (literally) the Chicago area. See you at the 2018 Shamrock Marathon, other Ben Lamers!


If you’re a data nerd, like me, Athlinks is absolutely glorious for looking at weird quirks in your races.

For example, without Athlinks, I’m not sure I would have known I finished in 666th place in my first Marathon. So now I know why that went very poorly. Well, that and classic first marathon problems.

My absolute favorite data point in my running is in the picture below. See if you can spot it.

51st for days

See it? During a less than stellar Spring racing season, I notched three consecutive 51st place finishes. I guess top 50 was too much to ask at those three races.

Also, if you haven’t guessed from this post, or if you know me, you know I’m quite the competitor. And Athlinks’ new rivalry feature fuels my competitiveness. You can see who you have raced against, how many times, and who came out on top.

When you get two competitors, of course, it can fuel some heated smack talk.

Still waiting for Julia to pick a race to lose to me in

Another really neat feature is if you want to dive deeper into your rivalry competition. Just click on your rivals name, and you’ll get a breakdown of the races you’ve run and how close (or far off) they have all been.

Take my breakdown with the ageless wonder, Kent. Minus Dam to Dam in 2017 where I was pacing two friends (I wouldn’t have beaten Kent that day regardless), our races are absurdly close. Take Dam to Dam 2015 and Twin Cities Marathon. What are the odds two runners could be that close in two separate races of that distance.

Me vs Kent, the ultimate dual.

Full disclosure, Kent recently dropped a 17:35 in the 5k a few weeks ago; so I have my work cut out for me whenever the rubber match is.

All in all, Athlinks is an absolutely amazing tool to track your own race history, and compare with your friends and rivals.

So if you don’t have an account, do yourself a favor and sign up. Heck, maybe we’ll become rivals!

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