We’re Talkin’ MCTU 50k

The weekend for (arguably) my favorite Spring race is here! It’s MCTU weekend!!

To give you some context on the race, this is the first paragraph of the race email we receive: “Welcome to the 6th annual MCTU! Be sure to wear green this Saturday and get ready to do keg-stands after your run! Check out the event layout and let me know if you have any questions!!! See you on the battlefield!”

Oh and we run up two of these

Lets. Go.

I really loved this race last year, and am stoked to be headed back to Nashville again this year to run it. Assuming scheduling this post works the way I want it to, I should be on my way when this blog post goes live.

But let’s talk about the race. It’s a killer. Last year it was my second ever 50k and I actually haven’t tackled the distance since. Last time around, I PR’d by about a half hour (easy to do with only one previous race) and finished 5th. Typically only 5-6 runners get home in under 6 hours at this, so I was glad to be one of them.

Going into the race last year, my longest training run had been 15 miles between my Fall marathon and the MCTU. Yes, less than half the distance. This year, I’ve obviously run over that multiple times in prep for the Ice Age 50. So I’m expecting bigger and better things this time around.

So what am I hoping for this year?

Well, I’d obviously like to PR again, but that’s more of a secondary goal. I’ve made it fairly well known that I’d love a top 3 finish. Obviously a lot of that is determined by who else is there, and what kind of day we all have. But that’s my goal.

It’ll be muddy, probably rainy, and it’ll be great.


One comment on “We’re Talkin’ MCTU 50k”
  1. irunonbeer says:

    Sounds like this is going to be an epic race! Good luck with the PR, can’t wait to hear about it.


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