In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb: March Training Recap

That old adage I used for my title? It accurately defines my March training.

I came into March coming out of the Cowtown, and keeping in with my training schedule with no break. And by no break, I mean I logged two of my highest mileage weeks in 2018 after Cowtown.

I did notice some concern with an attempt at 18 that I cashed in early the weekend after. But not all long runs go well, right? The next day I knocked out a strong 15 in Iowa with a friend, and all felt great again.

Did my weekday runs feel harder than they should? Yep. Was I concerned? Not really. I dominated The Michigan in my first speed workout after Cowtown and all seemed well. Then I dropped a 20 miler (two weeks after Cowtown for those counting) which went poorly. I felt destroyed and worked to maintain a fairly slow (for me) pace the last few miles.

That forced me to dial back a little the next week, and Skelly had me dialing back as well going into the MCTU.

Of course, if you follow the blog, you know that MCTU went poorly to say the least.

I’ve run on and off since then and most runs have been a challenge. The Shamrock Shuffle went shockingly well. Every other run has been met with high heart rates and a sluggish feeling after running. I think after my Tuesday run, Garmin gave me something like a 68 hour recovery time. Yikes.

All in all, I hammered out 142 miles in March, my lowest of 2018 so far. But not as few miles as I thought, so that was a nice surprise.

We’ll see what April brings. Lots of training, I know that. The only race on my April calendar is on the 29th for the Ravenswood 5k, where I look forward to getting buried by all the elite Chicago runners.

How was your March? And what’s on tap for your April?


4 comments on “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb: March Training Recap”
  1. irunonbeer says:

    I was looking forward to warmer weather in April but the forecast is calling for snow in Raleigh for my first race of 2018! And holy crap 142 miles is your lowest month so far! Keep crushing it man.


    1. Ben says:

      Woof. I can’t imagine you would get snow! Your race is in…three weeks, right?


      1. irunonbeer says:

        Marathon is next weekend! A little nervous with some IT band issues I’m having but I’m just going to focus on recovery before the race now.


      2. Ben says:

        You’ve got this! No need to do anything crazy this week, won’t effect your training. Rest and get ready to hammer 26.2


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