April Training Recap – Finding Fun, and Frustration

If you all remember my March recap, it was filled with some ups and downs. In that regard, April was much of the same, but with more downs.

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long post.

The last week of March ended on a high note with a strong run with the PRO guys. When the calendar turned to April, I was hoping to continue that momentum. And at first I did. I finally got out to run with the Fleet Feet group up in Elmhurst, and was able to notch down another solid run.

Late in that week, I developed a cough, and the troubles soon began.

Although before those troubles began,  toed the line at the Trailbreaker 5k. The temperatures were cold, and the times weren’t super fast. However, I was able to notch a win at the race, in what was probably the high point of the month.

Soon after I crumbled away.

The following Tuesday I was completely put down by what a friend and I have called the “Man Flu.” Despite this, I was able to get out of the apartment for some grueling short runs. As many of you run, the first few runs after being put down from sickness are brutal. And man, both of these runs were brutal.

That brings up to Tax weekend, where I had another race lined up. This was the Run From the Taxman at Lapham Peak. Now, Lapham Peak is an awesome, but immensely hard set of trails in SE Wisconsin. The race initially was going to be two loops, but was changed into four smaller loops due to the weather. With the rain and wind descending upon us, we slogged through the Half turned 20k. I was worn down, but an 8th place finish and my longest run since the MCTU was in the books!

My first run after the Taxman was quite probably my best run of April. Things were getting back on track!


That Tuesday night, April 17, I lifted my work bag into my car and almost instantly felt pain up by my ribs. Turns out, I had pulled a muscle. If you’ve never pulled or hurt anything up by your ribs, you can’t quite understand how painful this makes breathing. I was on the shelf again, since I couldn’t actually breathe.

By last weekend, the pain was subsiding, and all was looking good to run. Then I ran, and felt dreadful. I ran again the next day and felt worse. There was no energy to be had in my body. Was this just from being too stagnant while I was sick? That’s that I thought.

Then I took my temperature on Wednesday. North of 100. The Man Flu had returned. And this time it came with a vicious cough (which I’m still dealing with).

I didn’t run again the whole week. Fast forward to this past Saturday and the Ravenswood 5k. I’ll have a review up about this later in the week, but it was rough. Like. Real bad.

All in all, I was held to a disappointing 60 miles in April.

And that brings us here, to May. Training gets ramped back up for me, and I’m hoping to actually stay healthy. Guys, I really wanna stop coughing.

So what’s coming up for me? Literally no idea. The next circled race is the Run for the Zoo in June, but that’s a ways away.

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