Ravenswood 5k Recap

Disclaimer: I received free entry to the Ravenswood 5k as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

If you read my April Training Recap, you know that I’ve been having a rough go of things lately. That wasn’t about to stop me from hitting the Ravenswood 5k this past weekend. Plus, it gave me an excuse to check something off my personal bucket list and hit Wrigley Field to catch the Brewers and the Cubs.

But let’s talk about the race.

Had I been coming into Ravenswood healthy, I thought it could be a PR attempt. With great competition and a flat course it would’ve been a good shot.

The race did have packet pickup on Friday and Saturday at the Fleet Feet in Old Town. However, with the option to pick up our packet on race morning, I opted for that so I wouldn’t have to drive to the city more than I had to.

In our participant email, the race let us know a few options of where to park. And arriving to the Ravenswood area just before 7am, parking was plentiful.

I walked over to the start, and grabbed my packet. The race did something kind of neat. In our email, we received a QR code, so you just need to scan that, and a volunteer grabs a bag with your shirt size and gives you a bib. Super easy.

My bag, however, didn’t come with pins (it is supposed to). I went back, and a volunteer quickly helped and grabbed me some. Shout out to that volunteer for being clutch!

Found the finish

It was a chilly morning, so I hung around the bag drop area with my sweats still on. About 10 minutes before I tossed them in the bag, dropped that off, and went to the start line.

We were all assigned a Corral number, and entered the starting area accordingly. Although I didn’t see anyone checking bibs, so I think you could’ve moved around fairly freely, but I didn’t see anyone doing that.

As quickly as we were in, we were off. One quirk in this race was that a lot of volunteers were stationed on the neighborhood roads letting us know where the speed bumps were, and we ran over so many.


For me, the race was a blur. And not because I was cruising through the course. The opposite. I felt like I was dying, and split 6:48, 7:31, 7:32. And while I did dial it back a little, this was probably high end speed for me on Sunday.

Rolled in to the finish notching my slowest 5k in about 10-11 years. It wasn’t pretty, although I was right around the top 10-15% of the field, so there’s that. Oh, and I got outkicked by a child:


After finishing, and moseyed my way back to the gear check, with a quick stop by the Nuun tent. I grabbed my stuff, and left the race fairly quick. I headed back to my car to grab a change of clothes, and was off to find some coffee and kill time before the Brewers game.


As a side note, the race was a little less than two miles from Wrigley, so it was an easy “commute” to the stadium.

I had some good seats

All in all, I loved the Ravenswood 5k. It was a very well run event that has plenty of high end talent, and paces for everyone. A flat course, plenty of people, and an organized event? Can’t pass that up in Chicago.

10/10 would recommend.


One comment on “Ravenswood 5k Recap”
  1. Glad you pushed through!! Though your slowest is so much faster than my fastest that it is funny! I toured Wrigley once, a very cool place.


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