Taking Time Off – Life Update

Ok blog readers, we’re getting up close and personal with my life today.

As you know, if you read the April training update, I’ve had virtually no good runs since winning the Trailbreaker 5k. If you didn’t know that, well now you do.

Basically, this was me after every run:


But did that stop me from running? No. The 100+ degree fever and vicious cough sometimes did. Let’s be real, though, that barely stopped me. The feeling like death on a three mile run was super unpleasant though.

Each three mile adventure I went on was worse than the last. Stopped multiple times on a four miler (huge mileage there, I know).

That brought us to the Ravenswood 5k. And boy was it bad. A 22:39 hadn’t hurt that much since high school. I felt like I had no energy at all, none. I knew it wouldn’t be a fast 5k, but I didn’t think it would be as bad as it was.

Despite all that, my legs felt like they wanted to run at Ravenswood, which was reassuring. So I talked to Skelly, and we resumed an actual training plan this past week. Yay!

On Tuesday, I went out for 3 miles followed by some strides. I almost quit at 2.5 miles. What was wrong with me? Every week my three mile runs had gotten more challenging. Sure, our new 80 degree heat might’ve had something to do with it. But some runs feel hard, these just felt bad.

Still, as the good runner I am, I figured if I kept hammering, I’d break through whatever wall this was. Makes sense right?

Wednesday came and I felt pretty good overall. The vicious cough not withstanding. Seemed like a beautiful day to breakthrough and run a casual and easy 5 miles. It didn’t go as planned.

I made it a solid two blocks.

Almost right when I started running the cough returned. Not unusual for the last two-three weeks, but this was super early in the run. I tried to shake it off, but it kept getting worse. So I stopped, figured I would cough up a lung here, and keep running. Well, instead of a lung, I coughed up some fresh, bright, red blood.

My first thought: “Well, I need to go to the hospital.”

So I walked the two blocks home (still coughing FYI), changed clothes, and drove the mile or so to the ER. And there was where I spent the next 5 hours of my day


Turns out. The reason I felt so so so bad the last few weeks is because I have Pneumonia. Cool.

Of course, my first question to the doctor was “When can I run?” She said I should take at least a week. In my mind, that was instantly translated to “a week.” But I’ll be a good person and wait until May 12, since that’s the day my drugs (antibiotics) run out.

So I’m out for a week. It sucks. But at least I know why my runs have felt like death.

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