Summer Plans

In our team meeting at work today, we discussed summer plans. Naturally, I thought this made for a great blog topic, since I’ve been more or less silent since the pneumonia has reduced my running to nothing.

BUT. I do get to run tomorrow for the first time in 10 days, and boy am I excited. Sure it’s only 3-4 miles, but I don’t care. I’ll be able to run and (hopefully) feel human again when doing so.

So let’s look ahead to summer, and quite frankly the rest of 2018.

June 2 – The Humboldt Mile – I’m super stoked about this one. Early last June, Strava unveiled their #MyMile challenge, prompting those of us on Strava to run a mile and tag it with the hashtag. This was the first time I ran a straight hard mile since HS. So breaking 5 (4:59 FTW) for the first time EVER was a surprise.

Knocking down that 4:59 mile

But it isn’t an official time. And I want an official mile time. Due to location, I wasn’t able to hit the Grand Blue Mile in Des Moines or the Medtronic Twin Cities 1 mile, because both were on weeknights. A Saturday mile in Chicago though? Yes please. So yeah, I’m jazzed for this. Hopefully a little less than five minutes of immense pain.

June 3 – Run For the Zoo – This is a race I received free entry for as being a BibRave Pro, just so you all are aware. It also means you’ll see more posts about this in the coming weeks.

And yes, this is the day after the Humboldt Mile. And less than a month after my triumphant (I hope) return from pneumonia. So racing two days back-to-back isn’t gonna happen. I’ve already talked to Skelly about it, and we’re looping this bad boy into a long run. I’m excited for animals and a race environment!!

June 8-10 – Relay Iowa – Relay F-ing Iowa!!! I’m literally counting down the days to go back to visit Ames and then get going on the Relay. I’ll be tired, hungry, and exhausted; and I just can’t wait for this.

July 14 – Copper Mountain 50k – Another BibRave race! This one you’ll see more about once the Run For the Zoo passes. This one will be…an adventure. As many of you know, my last 50k went terribly. And this one is at altitude, so it will pose it’s own problems. But I’m excited to see some of the other BibRave Pros out in Colorado, and heck just to spend a week in Colorado.

From the last time I ran an epic mountain race

Taking this one as I took MCTU (the first time) and the Maryland HEAT. It’s gonna be a casual long run. A casual long run in AMAZING scenery. Look out for some amazing #MedalMonday posts on #TheGram

August 11 – Gopher to Badger – My favorite all-time race. Plus, this year will mark the 5th year in a row I’ve run this. Which also means it’ll mark my five year anniversary of running road races. This is where it all began!

I know this course like the back of my hand, which helps a ton when you’re racing. I hit my PR here last year as well. In mid-August in Minnesota and Wisconsin, weather and be a crap-shoot. Every other year this race seems to be obnoxiously hot, and if that pattern holds, this is one of those years.

Early September – TBD – Last year, I didn’t like the two month gap of not racing (Madrid Milers 15 doesn’t count) between Gopher and Milwaukee. So I’m hoping to get something either 4 or 3 weeks before Chicago. Right now, I’m targeting the City of Lakes Half Marathon in Minneapolis. It’s a course I’ve run multiple times, and is super fast. An excellent tune-up opportunity before Chicago rolls in.

October 7 – Chicago Marathon – The big one. The goal race. The largest marathon I’ve run. It’s all going down on a Sunday in Chicago. I know to expect all the people, probably a stressful morning, and a mostly flat course. However, the largest race I’ve run is Twin Cities, which doesn’t even compare.

I’m excited to run with all the people. And I’m hoping for good fall weather, because this is the day I plan on getting that BQ.

What are your summer plans? What big races do you have coming up?


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