May Training Recap

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram and/or this blog then you know that May was a wild ride for me. So let’s jump in:

Week #1 (May 1-6) – So my runs the last 2.5 weeks of April were all a struggle. I was hoping to shake that coming into May, and Skelly and I agreed to get training restarted on May 1 with an easy 3 miles. I got the three miles, but it wasn’t easy; I got home and laid on the floor for about 20 minutes. The next day, I had 5 on the docket, and planned on it being  good run. I made it a solid .15 miles, coughed up blood, walked home, and went to the hospital.

Turns out, I had been attempting to run for about 3-4 weeks with pneumonia. Naturally, this meant my mileage would be significantly reduced again with a mandated 10 days of rest. Technically the doctor said I could run “after a week” but I took the whole 10 days.

image1 (3)

Week #2 (May 7-13) – Rest was the word of the week. I was feeling better with the antibiotics I had been given, but still needed to keep it easy. Saturday the 12th was my first run back. For any of you who have taken some time off of running, you know what a first run back feels like. It wasn’t easy, but I didn’t feel like I was gonna die and that was progress. The next day I knocked out another 3 and change, felt better, and ran faster than the day before.

50. Cent. Beer.

Week #3 (May 14-20) – The first week back! Tackled another good run that Monday, and then hammered a fast 3 on Tuesday. The fast 3 felt good knowing that I could still turn up the speed a little bit, even if it was on a shorter run. Then I cranked up to 9 miles mid week before pulling back a little by the weekend. Sunday brought the Green Bay Half Marathon which I ran as a casual 13 miles. It felt amazingly good for just being back a week.

Stairs = Burning Calves

Week #4 (May 21-27) – While less miles than the week before, this was my first good week of training. Got some good mileage, and my first really good workout running the stairs at Benedictine University. I followed that with some strides, and then an impromptu run at the Soldier Field 10. That was a warm day, but it gave me a good idea of where my fitness was at. Kind of. Ended the week with a scorching run along the lake with the BibRave crew!


Week #5 (May 28-31) – Heat was the word of the week. 90s and high dew points for every single run. Got two casual 6 milers and an excellent 10×1 minute on/off track workout on Wednesday (the hottest run of the week). While running in the heat is a struggle, since I was thrown in without the gradual temperature increases while I was sick, my pace hasn’t suffered because of it.

What’s Next – This weekend I’m tackling the double. The Humboldt Mile on Saturday and the Run for the Zoo 10k on Sunday. I almost signed up for a 5k that starts from my parking lot on Saturday night, but I don’t know if I’m ready for the triple weekend just yet.

Total May Mileage = 95 Miles

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