June Training Recap

How is it already July?

I feel like June absolutely FLEW by, and it was just yesterday I was talking about ER visits and pneumonia recovery. No more!

Really though, June was an excellent running month, and excellent month in general. I notched in 162 miles, which was the most since February. More importantly, I felt super strong in most of my training as well; so I’m ready and motivated for what’s to come in July and in the Fall.

Week 1 – I’m gonna count June 1-3 as “Week 1” here. And this “week” consists entirely of races. That was the weekend of my double between the Humboldt Mile and the Run for the Zoo 10k.

Like the main character in a movie: I’m the only one not wearing black

If you’re a religious reader of the blog, you know that I got a little too optimistic in the first 1/4 mile of Humboldt. The Zoo turned in a much stronger 10k performance that was evenly paced, and pretty much all on tempo speed. As I’ve mentioned before, the 10k might be my best race distance, from a pacing stand point, and that continued to hold true here.

Week 2 – The first full week of June was amazing. Right off the bat, I got a run in my favorite running place (Glen Park) and followed that up with a run about an hour later with my coach. I also got a run in with my buddy Brian, who was about 2 weeks out from crushing a PR at Grandmas.

The highlight of this week was, of course, Relay Iowa (which also inflated my mileage for the week and month). As many of you know, I love Relay and it’s the perfect event to get mileage, hang out with friends, and drink all the things.


Week 3 – Coming down from Relay presented a lower mileage week with only one true workout. I did sign up, kind of spur of the moment, for the Father’s Day 5k trail race that Saturday. I’m always impressed with myself when I notch even splits in a race, so being able to do that in a muddy trail race was nice.

The only downside of this week was my long run. Foolishly, I waited until around 10 to start running, and the heat and humidity absolutely crushed me. What was supposed to be 13 miles turned into a struggle to reach double digits. No bueno.

Week 4 – Got started with a track workout in Iowa City before tackling the rest of my mileage up at the cabin. In general, running in the National Forest is always better, and this was no exception.

I was also about to rebound with a 13.5 mile long run through the woods only five days after slogging through the 10 in the heat. This distance also marked the furthest I had gone since the Music City Trail Ultra.

Week 5 – This was a strong week for me. Between my regular runs and track work, I felt extremely strong. Those of you in the Midwest know that the weather has been gross, but that hasn’t effected my running much this week.

The highlight here was getting a hot and humid 16 in with Team Vardo. Not only with the team, but the OG group (to me) of Adam, Eric, Chris, and Tim. It was an epic Saturday run, and the perfect way to wrap up the month.

So what’s coming in July?

Well. I’ve got an obligatory 4 Miler on tap on July 4, and the Country Possum Chase 10k the following Saturday. The plan is to race both, so we’ll see how that goes.

The big one in July 14. I’m gearing up for the Copper Mountain 50k in Colorado. And by gearing up, I mean praying that I don’t die going up the mountain…twice.


2 comments on “June Training Recap”
  1. Laurie says:

    Sounds like your training is going really well. I don’t love running at altitude. My son and his family live in Steamboat Springs, CO, and I always struggle when I run there (I train at 200 ft. above sea level!) Good luck with your 50k.


    1. Ben says:

      Thanks! When I used to travel to CO twice a year, I acclimated almost right away. I’m hoping that’s still true

      Liked by 1 person

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