July Recap: How is it Already August?

Where has summer gone?

We’re already five days into August, and soon enough it’ll be Marathon season (aka October) again. Wow.

I wanted to get this post up quicker, but a 5k on August 1, and a Beer Mile on August 3, haven’t given me the time to knock this out. Race recap on those coming soon! But that’s enough about August, this post is about July!

Overall, I hit 149 miles in July, which was a little down from June, but there’s plenty of explanation for that below. Fun fact, I should also hit 1,000 yearly miles in August!

Week 1: July 1-8: This was a crazy first week (and change) of July. I got a couple shorter runs in early, but the big parts of the week was running the Firecracker 4 on the 4th and the Country Possum Chase three days later.

To the victors go the pie!

If you read the Double Recap, you know that those races were mixed. The Firecracker 4 went so so so bad, but the Possum Chase went pretty well. With two races in a few days, I passed on a long run for the week.

Week 2: July 9-15: This was another odd week. Literally every run I did this week featured some trail time. Some in Illinois, and most in Colorado, in prep for the Copper Mountain 50k. In addition to the runs, I got some quality miles in while hiking around the Colorado mountains as well.

I think I featured the 50k enough on here, so I won’t go too into depth in here. Obviously, it was the longest run of the month, and should tie (say what?!) for my longest of the training cycle.

Last Copper Mountain post…probably

Week 3: July 16-22: It sounds like a broken record, but this was an odd week. I was both recovering from Copper and down in Alabama for work. I opted to run on the every other day plan which featured a good amount of shorter runs and suffocating humidity.

I wanted my long run to be in the South, but when no members of the Tuscaloosa running club showed to their Saturday group run, I postponed my run to the next day to run at Waterfall Glen back in Illinois.

Week 4: July 23-31: I figured I’d lump the rest of the week into here. The last week of July was a mixed bag for running. I really struggled on a trail run on the 24th and even more in a track workout the next day. I was able to really rebound after an easy run at Busse Woods, though.

After that, I got the legs moving on a brisk 15 miler and a quicker 6 miler with some of my PRO teammates on two of the group’s organized runs. After I got over those rough couple of days to start this week, my legs have been feeling pretty solid and strong as I get further removed from Copper.

So what’s next? As I mentioned, I’ve got two races down in August already. I don’t normally do my long runs on Sunday or afternoons, but that’s going to happen this weekend (probably when this posts).

The big race, which will also have it’s own blog post, will be running another Under Armour Mountain race, this time in Killington, VT. But before that, I have my favorite all-time race which is the Gopher to Badger Half!

Basically, August is going to be another busy month.

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