5Ks and Beer Miles

What’s that? Another double race recap? Well yes, but these feature a combined 4 miles of running.

A while ago I had learned about the Prowl the Peak 5k, which is a night race at Lapham Peak. If that place sounds familiar, its because I’ve mentioned Lapham a couple times in training and past races. You could design some wickedly hard races (and they exist) at Lapham, which is just full of steep climbs. So why wouldn’t you want to run a night race there?

To be honest, I forgot about it. But knowing I would be in Milwaukee this past week, I was looking for one-off 5ks that I could tackle the day after my long run. That’s when I rediscovered Prowl the Peak on Wednesday night.

Signing up was a no brainer.

The race got us started at 9pm on Wednesday night, which is an adjustment for me, since I’m about ready for bed at that time. It was also very apparent that this is the tune up race for local high schoolers before cross country gets started.

A night race with beer = Perfect

In the grand scheme of Lapham Peak races, this course is fairly tame, but still super challenging as you can see from the elevation chart below.

When the gun went off, so did the high schoolers. Like, all of them. This is probably one of the few times I’ve run a 5k where I’ve known better than to hammer the start of the race. Knowing that the winning time last year was sub 17, I knew better than to run with those guys.

The first mile really only had us get up on one climb, before heading downhill and looping back to the start. From there, we went out to the main loop of the race. Honestly, it felt like the first mile took forever. I was feeling strong at this point, and a few runners were starting to drop back to me.

My second mile was a touch slower as we ran on the double track through some rolling hills. Again, more runners were starting to drop back, and I took on a rare role (for me) in the 5k: The Hunter.

The climbing began at the start of mile 3. I felt like we were climbing forever, and in fact it was more than half of the last mile. We hit the steepest and longest hills all at once. I was definitely hurting here, but was still passing a few runners. Fortunately, what goes up must come down.

Placement wise, all went well until the last .125 (the course was dead on) when the high schoolers all unleashed their kicks. As time has gone on, I’ve lost almost any ability to kick a finish, so I let them go. Didn’t end up getting passed by anyone in my age group, so that was fine by me.

All in all, I notched a 22nd overall finish, and top 3 in my AG. Any time I can get a placement in the brutal 19-29 division, it’s a good day.

Not really an “Age Group Winner” since I placed 3rd

Fast forward to Friday and it was Beer Mile time.

Let it be known, I like my beer, but I am decidedly not a chugger. And that was evident at the Off the Rails Beer Mile.

This beer mile came with a bit of a twist. Since it was hosted by a brewery, we drank their beer instead of choosing our own. We had a 5% IPA in those clear plastic cups that bars have; so I’m pretty sure there was more than 12oz in there. For the 4th cup, we were given the option of drinking a beer called the Twisted Silo which would take 30s off our time. The reason for that? It’s an 11% beer. Woof.

The first lap was a sign of things to come. I was the slowest out of the first beer and started running in dead last due to my lack of chugging skills. Fortunately, running is a part of the race, and I surged into 3rd through the first lap.

Beer Miles are more fun with friends

I actually drank the second beer (slightly) faster than the first, but it still took a while to get that down. I was beginning to gap the rest of my heat, but still trailed the top 2 runners by a good amount. The battle really began on the third beer. That one went down slow as my stomach was definitely filling up.

Then came my slowest (understandable) beer came with the Twisted Silo. Holy smokes. After putting that bad boy down, I started running and thought it was about to all come back. Fortunately, I powered through that to hold onto 3th (in my Heat…I was buried in the overall results).

I finished in 9:22 (yikes) but 8:52 with the adjusted time. And in case you were wondering, my “Moving time” was a 6:04 (thanks Strava) which tells you how horrific my chugging skills are.

My feelings about the Twisted Silo cup

Did I feel like warmed over death the day after? Yes. Would I run the Beer Mile again? Yes.


3 comments on “5Ks and Beer Miles”
  1. runeatralph says:

    Congrats on the beer mile! I still need to get a beer mile in before I die. I will use PBR. That is a chugging beer. I’m no chugger either.


    1. Ben says:

      PBR would be a good choice! I’d probably use Bud or Coors if I had a choice. Those are closer to water than beer anyway

      Liked by 1 person

  2. irunonbeer says:

    Way better than my beer mile attempt. I puked at least six times hahahaha. Final time was just over 14:00 with the penalty puke lap. The chugging killed me.

    Liked by 1 person

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