The Mountains are Calling (Again)

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This Lost gif is perfect for this adventure

When I finished the Copper Mountain 50k, the first thing I said to Andy, Jess, and Tim was “Holy shit. Never let me do something like that again.”

Well, I didn’t listen to myself, and they didn’t listen to me, because on August 25, it’s all happening again.

The Beast of the East. According to Wikipedia that’s where we’re running.

This time the state is Vermont and the playground is Killington Peak in the Green Mountains. And this one brings with it a whole new set of challenges. The race is decidedly not at altitude, so breathing and oxygen will be plentiful. Just because there’s more air, though, doesn’t mean that there’s less climbing.

In fact, according to the elevation profile, the 50k at Killington sports a solid 10,000 feet of gain across the distance. And yes, that’s the equivalent of if we had charged up Copper Mountain a third time. Holy buckets.

The other big difference is how we will get that gain. At Copper Mountain, about 95% of the gain came with the two major climbs up the mountain. Killington has no such climb, but will instead be a meat grinder of hills after hills after hills. If anything, I expect it to resemble the craziness of the Music City course. I’m also fairly certain that we will overlap (or at least run close to) the Appalachian Trail (or the AT)  which I might take some time to explore on Sunday as well.

I expect to see more technical single track in Vermont

One thing some of you may not know is that Vermont is actually in my top 3 bucket list for states to visit. It’s sitting up there along with Montana and Alaska. Can you tell I like forests and mountains?

This will be the second time I journey to the East Coast to tackle a 50k. And oddly enough it will be the second time I run a 50k on this exact weekend. Last time was the Maryland HEAT in 2016, when the race lived up to it’s name with some scorching temps and humidity.

The goal for Killington will be much the same as it normally is for me in a 50k. Survive, finish, and have a good time. Finishing time isn’t terribly important to me in these races. It will be a quality long run before really buckling down on Chicago Marathon training.

All in all, I’m not nearly as scared about Killington as I was for Copper Mountain. Maybe I should be?

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