August Training Update

Somehow it’s already September. The weather is trying to cool off, Starbucks has already released the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and most of us are within 5 weeks (less for some of you) of our Fall Marathon. Wow.

August was kind of a weird month. My training was OK and was slightly hampered by my beer drinking. Oh well, sometimes you gotta do things other than run.

In total, I notched 146 miles this month. Less total miles than July, but more running miles. So I’ll take it.

August 1-5: August got started with, you guessed it, a race. I entered the Prowl the Peak 5k which was a trail race at Lapham Peak. Since it was on a Wednesday, it seemed like a good opportunity to get some hard miles in. I might have trailed the legit HS and College athletes, but still notched a third place Age Group Finish in the stacked 19-29 Age Division.

Friends and Beer

But the fun that week continued! On Friday I tackled my first ever Beer Mile. Obviously, my running skills were fine, but my chugging skills need some work. The good news was that I didn’t puke!

The Beer Mile totally wrecked my weekend long runs though. I was destroyed on Saturday, and settled for 5 miles and coffee. Sunday saw the temperature turned up, and my route detoured by a Chicago Area Mountain Bike race at the Palos Trails. My long run this week ended up just over 8 miles. Yuck.

August 6-12: This week got started with some easy 400s on the track. All in all, my runs during the week didn’t feel great. My coach said when he did a beer mile he struggled for a week; and I was feeling that effect as well!

Saturday brought my 5th running of the Gopher to Badger Half Marathon. The first few miles went well. But the heat, added hills, and my lack of breakfast (dumb) meant disaster for me race. I wrapped up the week with a beer recovery run.


August 13-19: I opted for a mid week long run to explore some dirt roads through the National Forest. There’s something about a casual run in the woods that’s fantastic. Also, bear tracks.

Nothing was too thrilling the rest of this week. I ran with PRO on Saturday, and ended up with some hilly and brisk miles on the day. I’ll always say, nothing is as humbling as dropping some sub 7s on a training run and getting dropped.

Any additional long run this week was curtailed by attending a friend’s bachelor party on Saturday night. Like I said earlier, more beer.

August 20-26: I again attempted a long run during the week (Monday) but was NOT over the weekend. Apparently, I can’t drink like I used to.

However. That Wednesday we saw the dew point drop into the 50s and I got in a majestic progression run. I was able to follow that up with a standard and solid run on Thursday at Busse Woods.

And of course, the week was capped off by the Killington 50k! In short, it was brutal, but also epic!! For a more detailed recap on that, just check out my last post on the blog.

August 27-31: This past week has been surprisingly good! I did a short 2 mile leg check on Tuesday, and felt surprisingly decent. I followed that up with a 5 and then 7 mile runs the subsequent days, and my legs have felt better each time.

What’s Next?

So what do I have coming up in September? Well, since this is (hopefully) posting on Saturday morning, you’ll be reading this while I’m out running the Madrid Milers 15. Yes, I am doing a 15 Miler the week after a 50k. I did the same thing in 2016; and this is a “race” I’ve never raced and just used as a casual long run. But I still want to 3-peat my Age Group title.


Otherwise, it’s down to serious long run and track workout time. I’m hoping to do two 20 milers over the course of the next couple weeks, and I’ve got some Yasso 800s set up for next week, which could be interesting. I’m also signed up to make my return to the Brewers Mini (only doing the 10k this time!) for the first time since I got injured there in 2015. It should be a nice tuneup for Chicago.

What do you have on tap for next month?

What big races are you dong in the Fall?

Are you doing a Fall Marathon? If so, which one?

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