Summer Recap

We’ve passed Labor Day, the weather is cooling off (kind of), and travel season has begun at work. That means summer is officially over.

And what a summer it was.

My summer was fairly easy to define, as it started when I returned from pneumonia, and ended this past weekend.

So let’s do a quick recap of the numbers:

2 Half Marathons

1 Ten Miler

2 One Mile Races

2 10ks

1 Relay

2 5ks

1 Four Miler

1 Beer Mile (didn’t puke!!)

1 15 Mile

2 50ks

And boy was it an up and down summer. I set two PRs (Beer Mile and 4 Mile) and technically two PWs (Personal Worsts) in the Half and 50k.

Claimed: First in my AG twice, Second Place once, and a third as well.

I made some rookie mistakes (not eating breakfast before a Half) and some experienced decisions (not going ham up Copper Mountain on lap 1). I had some of my lowest training lows between races and workouts, and some of my highest highs (literally…in elevation not smoking weed).

Basically, it has been a roller coaster of a summer for my running. And I wouldn’t change one thing. It’s been a TON of fun, and I learned a lot. Now I’m zeroing in on what is going to be a spectacular fall, highlighted by the Chicago Marathon.

Fall is here folks, and it’s the best time of year!

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