The Week That Was: Training Nov 12-18

Technically last Monday started my training for the Houston Marathon. It’s gonna be an interesting training cycle to say the least. For Houston (and maybe moving forward depending how it goes) I’m going to be attempting to train on a 10 day training week cycle; so we’ll see how long that lasts.

I also told myself I wouldn’t start seriously training for Houston until December. But here we are.

Monday 11/12 – Tempo – Ever since I discovered the Wave Tempo workout, I’ve absolutely loved it. For those who don’t follow on Strava, a Wave tempo is a time based workout where you go back and forth between MP and HMP. My legs weren’t 100% ready for this one just year, but I got a solid 15 min wu, 25 min Wave, and 15 min cd. Total Miles: 7.25

Tuesday 11/13 – I found myself in Bettendorf for work, which meant it was time for an easy river path run. And it was. Total Miles: 5

Wednesday 11/14 – This was a cross train day. Unfortunately, there was no option for a spin class in Urbana-Champaign so it was a day of lifting.

Thursday 11/15 – Speed – The return of Yasso 800s to the training plan. After lifting (twice) on Wednesday, my legs felt like dead weight. Plus, 11 days post a second Fall Marathon probably didn’t help. Got 5 in along with a 2 mile wu and cd to 6 miles. Total Miles: 6

Friday 11/16 – Rest

Saturday 11/17 – Another easy run. With all the snow in the morning I waited and waited to do this until it got dark. Kept it nice and easy. Total Miles: 4.5

Sunday 11/18 – Cross training: Spin

Total Miles: 22.7

What you’ll notice is missing from this week is a long run. The 10 day plan calls for it on Monday (another reason why we’ll see how long this lasts). So it’ll be a long run Monday, but I have a fun route planned so I’m looking forward to that.

Next week I have that long run, a Turkey Trot, and a track workout somewhere in there too. Stay tuned!


2 comments on “The Week That Was: Training Nov 12-18”
  1. runeatralph says:

    Doing the Wave sounds cool. I might give that a shot.


    1. Ben says:

      It’s a great (brutal) workout!

      Liked by 1 person

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