Product Review! Experimenting with iKOR Labs

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of iKOR Labs Performance CBD Hemp Extract to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!


I was super excited to be able to try out some of iKOR Labs CBD Hemp Oil. So, first of all, a big thanks to them and BibRave for making this product test possible.

iKOR’s website touts the product for it’s enhanced recovery, mood, and delivery (it’s a spray instead of an oil). So how did that pan out for me?

We were instructed to take five pumps of the CBD oil at a time, either in the morning, afternoon, or both. I did both. I also received my bottle of iKOR a couple days after the Spartan Stadium Sprint, which was also a week after Chicago, and two before NYC. So it was good timing.

At first, I didn’t really notice the effects.

However, shortly after that weekend mentioned above, I got sick (which has been the story of my 2018). I kept taking the CBD oil, and began to notice something. Never have I ever slept so well while having a sore throat and runny nose. Never.

Because of that, I choose to believe I was able to keep whatever illness I had at bay, since being able to let your body rest and relax is so clutch. That alone made me a believer in CBD oil.

How did it work for running recovery? I’m not 100% sure, since my running was stymied by taking extra rest days while sick, to make sure I didn’t die at NYC. I will say, my legs recovered very quickly from the NYC Marathon. Was the a product of the CBD oil, a slower pacer, or the better sleep? All of the above? Who knows.


I’d also like to point out that I, and some other BibRave Pros, talked about how we had some more vivid and wild dreams while using CBD. So there’s that.

After going off the CBD oil, I’ve noticed that I don’t sleep as soundly as I did while I was on it, and by default feel slightly less rested during the day. Otherwise, I honestly can’t say I notice much of a difference. But the sleep one is noticeable.

So will I order more for myself? Probably. And by probably, I mean I’ve already ordered another bottle for myself.

Do you want to give iKOR Labs CBD oil a shot?

From now until 12/31 you can save 20% on your order, which is a great deal. Just use code ‘BIBRAVE20’ at checkout.

Shop iKOR Labs HERE

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