The Week That Was: Training Nov. 19-25

And with that, we’re another week down in November.

Remember last week when I said I might bail on the Bart Yasso 10 day week? Yeah, that’s gone. I was mentally getting less comfortable with the idea of 4 long runs, as opposed to 6-7 I would get in a standard training cycle. So back to normal I go!

The week was a little funky with runs. But that will happen anytime you have a race sitting in the middle of the week as opposed to a weekend.

Monday 11/19 – Easy run – After not getting a long run in any shape or form in on the weekend, I wanted to get a little more than I regularly would on a Monday. In fact, I almost never run on Mondays to begin with, but again this was a funky week. I took to the forest preserve trails, which had a nice layer of snow on them forcing me to keep this run easy (which is good). Total Miles: 7.5

Tuesday 11/20 – Cross Training – On Tuesday I tackled a class called Cycle, Core, Stretch. It was basically Cycle, Core, Yoga; but either way it was awesome. I got my cycling in, and way more core work than I do on my own. With the stretch/yoga thrown in, I was appropriately sore but also loose the next day. Total Miles: 0

Wednesday 11/21 – Rest

Thursday 11/21 – Race – Turkey Trot day was upon us! This one is my yearly opportunity to tackle an 8k. I’ll have the full recap up later this week. What you need to know here was that it was cold, windy, and didn’t quite go as planned. Total Miles: 5

Friday 11/22 – Easy Run – Lots of easy runs this week. For this, I moseyed through the various subdivisions near where my parents live in WI. Nothing special, and kept it simple. Total Miles: 4.5

Saturday 11/23 – Easy Run – Like I said, lots of easy runs. This one I ran with the Saturday morning group for my race team. Kept it easy and conversational. Total Miles: 3

Sunday 11/24 – Long Run – An actual long run! I got out early for this one with the forecasted snow coming in (fact: didn’t snow at all by my parent’s house). This took me a while to get going, but it didn’t help that the first three miles of this route are mostly uphill. I eventually settled in for a good long run. First time going double digits since NYC and only non race long run since Chicago. Yikes. Total Miles: 11.5

Total Miles: 31.4

It felt good to be back over 30 miles for the week, as I’m working to get back into the swing of things. The cold weather doesn’t help on the motivation front.

This week should see me get back to a more regular schedule with easy runs, speed, and tempos. Next Sunday I’m planning to trot out for a Half to see where my fitness is. So that’ll be interesting if nothing else.

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