November Wrap Up

How is it already December?

I was talking to a buddy the other day, and my exact words about November was that it was a “weird month” for training. Now that winter has arrived, at least in the Chicago area, it’s time to recap the month that was.

November 1-4 – November got started with as I was recovering from strep throat and also gearing up for the NYC Marathon. Ever since I moved to Chicago, I’ve been hunting down a spin studio that I could go to (and enjoy). Fellow BRP and friend Connie (Constantly on the Run) talked me into going to a spin class at Inspyr Studios. What I wasn’t told, was that this spin class was actually a HIIT class. Right before NYC. Surprise!

The rest of the week was spent traveling to and then running the NYC Marathon. I’ve gone in-depth on that in my race recap, so I won’t do it here. But it was an amazing weekend and amazing race!

November 5-11 – I did virtually nothing this week; taking the whole week off until Saturday. Typically, at any point when I need to restart training, or kick training into gear I’ll run with the PRO team on Saturday. And it didn’t fail this time. It was cold, but as always we got cruising, and my legs felt mostly good.

I followed that up with my standard run at FoxBrook Park in Brookfield, as I notched my first two runs this year in cold weather gear.

November 12-18 – I told myself I’d start training for the Houston Marathon once December rolled around. But quickly I decided that this was the week to start, while I was doing my last trip for work. Dumb.

Monday I kicked things off with a Wave Tempo, and it didn’t go great. Not terrible, but my legs were decidedly not ready for that kind of workout. The week continued with easy morning runs, and another speed workout in Champaign, IL (which also didn’t feel great).

After getting chided on Twitter from a couple runners (and Bart Yasso) about not taking enough rest post NYC, I kind of realized they were right. I only did one short run on the weekend, and took it super easy.

November 19-25 – This week finally felt like a normal training week. After the first snow of the season I tackled a run in a forest preserve that was still covered in snow. From there, I returned to Inspyr for a Cycle, Core, Stretch class. It was awesome.

And just like that it was race day again on Thanksgiving. I’ve always run well at the MKE Turkey Trot, but I had mixed thoughts this year. I ran well, but my legs and body wasn’t ready to cruise the way I had hoped. An untied shoelace in the first mile didn’t help my mojo either.

I finished off the week with a super easy run with PRO and then a long run on one of my favorite loops in Wisconsin. It was also a nice one to knock out, since the last time I ran that loop I suffered greatly on a day where temps soared to triple digits. Much better this time.

November 26-30 – This might have been my most even training week in a long long time (so far). Got things started with a Wave Tempo on Tuesday, and realized it was the first time I ate an actually meal before running it. Amazing how much better than makes you feel.

A super easy run on a different loop followed on Wednesday, before tackling some 400s (and one 200) on Thursday along with the BibRave virtual run via Zwift.

I’ll get into more detail about this week after the weekend. The plan is to run the Last Call Half Marathon on Sunday, but some car issues might step in the way with that.

Happy winter everyone!!


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