The Week That Was: Training Nov 26-Dec 2

Somehow we’ve already hit the home stretch of 2018: December.

This was a good week of training for me, and probably the most solid since September when I was gearing up for Chicago; so I’m happy about that.

Monday 11/26 – Rest Day

Tuesday 11/27 – Wave Tempo – Almost all of my Tempos are going to be done as a Wave, but at varying alterations. This time I hopped from 6MP/1HMP to 1HMP/6MP and down from there. It almost felt easier than doing all starting segments at MP. I’ll continue to tinker with this to vary leg speed in the future. Total Miles: 7

Wednesday 11/28 – Easy Run – With all of the snow we got in the Chicago Metro, I was a little concerned about what route I would run. Ended up tackling an easy run and avoiding main roads. Most sidewalks were cleared, but the goal of an easy mileage run was accomplished. Total Miles: 5.7

Thursday 11/29 – Track – It was a day for 400s. But with the Last Call on Sunday, I didn’t want to hammer quite as hard as I sometimes would. Ended up doing 8×400 with one 200 at the end. It was a little tougher than I expected, but not as tough as it could have been. Total Miles: 6

Thursday 11/29 (Part 2) – Easy Run – This was the BibRave 5k! We used the Zwift run pod to all virtually run together. It was a different experience for sure, but another opportunity to get some solid and easy miles in. Total Miles: 3

Friday 11/30 – Rest

Saturday 12/1 – Easy Run – A little shorter than I would otherwise do with the Last Call the next day. Lots of wind, but I mostly avoided the rain until the end of the run. Threw it back to the route from my first run in Naperville. Total Miles: 3.6

Sunday 12/2 – Race – Sunday was the day for the Last Call Half Marathon in Waukesha, WI. I’ve run the course before in the Spring (at the First Call Half) and it’s a standard out and back. The out is a rather significant uphill, just one that you gradually accumulate between Mile 4 and the turnaround. I’ll have more details in the write-up later this week, but it overall went well and I was pleased with my effort. Total Miles: 13.1

Weekly Miles – 38.6

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