The Week That Was: Training Dec 3-9

More like the week that wasn’t.

Remember last week when I said I had easily my best training week since before Chicago? Yeah, that didn’t carry over.

I was feeling a little sluggish after the Last Call, and appropriately let myself have a little bit of a slower week of training. That being said, I probably could have run a little more. But oh well.

Monday 12/3 – Rest Day

Tuesday 12/4 – Easy Run – This was an easy run through the Herrick Lake Forest Preserve. I wanted more than 5 miles, but clearly haven’t run this route recently enough because I missed a turn and shorted the planned distance. Oh well. Total Miles: 4.6

Wednesday 12/5 – Cross Training

Thursday 12/6 – Track – Holy smokes. If you follow here, or my Strava, you know I do a good amount of Tempo and 800 work. But I wanted to get the legs moving, so I rocked out some 200s with 200m rest between. Wow, my legs have forgotten what speed is like. This one was a struggle for me, but I’m going to work to incorporate more of this into my winter training. Total Miles: 4

Friday 12/7 – Rest Day

Saturday 12/8 – Easy Medium Run – I hesitate to call this a “long run” although it was the longest of my week. But I rolled out to Waterfall Glen to take in the 9 and change mile loop. It always takes me a few miles to get into a groove here, and this run was no exception. But this turned into a very very solid and easy run for me. Total Miles: 9.5

Sunday 12/9 – Rest

Total Miles: 18

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