The Week That Was: Training Dec. 10-16

How are we halfway through December already? The month is flying by; and fortunately for running purposes it hasn’t been insanely cold like last year.

As I indicated, my training got back on track after a low mileage week coming off of the Last Call. Excited to start ramping up miles a little more, but I’m still enjoying the flexibility I’ve given myself this month.

Monday 12/10 – Easy Run – I combined two loops that I’ve run separately into a nice four miler. Still an out and back, but with tow mini loops there as well. Total Miles: 4

Tuesday 12/11 – Track – This is not go well. I forgot my watch (runner foul!) and was about as unmotivated as I’ve ever been to do a workout. Logged a mile warmup, 4×800, and quick cooldown before calling it a day. Total Miles: 4

Wednesday 12/12 – Easy Run – Well, this wasn’t as easy as I would’ve liked. My AfterShokz went dead within the first three miles (not my week for technology) and I cranked down the pace after that. Not the easiest effort, but shorts in December can’t be passed up. Total Miles: 6.5

Thursday 12/13 – Rest

Friday 12/14 – Tempo – Y’all, I need to work on my pacing. This workout was intended to be a warmup, and then alternating MP and HMP each minute for a few miles. It ended up being closer to HMP/10k, which I wasn’t ready for yet. Total Miles: 5

Saturday 12/15 – Long Run – It was too nice to pass up a long run on the trails. The Palos trails are challenging in the Chicago Metro, but a great place to get some quality single track. I was mostly alone on the trails, and took it fairly easy. Or at least easy for single track. Total Miles: 12

Sunday 12/16 – Rest

Weekly Miles: 31.5

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