Product Review: Zwift Run Pod

Disclaimer: I received a Zwift RunPod to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I might be one of the few runners, at least in my social circle, who will happily utilize the treadmill for both speed and tempo workouts. When tracks become covered in ice and snow in the winter, this is a life saver.

However, for those times you aren’t doing a workout, running on the treadmill (aka: The Mill or the Dreadmill) can be tedious to say the least.

Enter the Zwift pod!

Via my biking friends on Strava, I was aware of what Zwift offered for cyclists. That version of Zwift is a paid service, but likely invaluable for getting workouts in on an indoor bike (again, tough to do in the Midwest).

What I didn’t know, was that there is a run pod version of Zwift too! The Run Pod, a one time $30 purchase, gives runners the same benefit of running through a virtual world. In other words, things to look at on the treadmill!

The pod itself works very much like any other footpod, except it needs to be connected to a phone or tablet (via Bluetooth) instead of a watch. And yes, it’ll still need a little time to calibrate much like any other footpod.

But once you’re set up, you can run mini you through the virtual Zwift world of Watopia! Realistically, this is the safest way to run around a volcano.

Taking advantage of this, we participated in a virtual BibRave 5k in November. It was definitely a cool experience running “with” some of my fantastic BibRave Pro teammates from all over.

But like any race, my mini Ben quickly found himself in no mans land.

Overall, the Zwift Run pod is a great way to get engaged with the treadmill. Especially if you’re out there churning out the miles. On those dreary winter days where I don’t want to be cold in my run, I’ll definitely Zwift it up on the treadmill!

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