The Week That Was: Training Dec 24-29

It was another kind of down week for training this past week. But with a race on Monday, December 31, and with Christmas falling during this week a down week was kind of expected.

Monday 12/24 – Easy Run – Early on Christmas Eve, and before I finished shopping, I got some easy miles in with fellow PRO teammate Emily. We’ll also be pacing the 1:50 group at the Half during the Milwaukee Marathon in April (so sign up!!). Total Miles: 4.5

Tuesday 12/25 – Rest

Wednesday 12/26 – Easy Run – Was on the fence about doing an easy run or a track workout, but opted for an easy run. And let’s be real, that was because of the gorgeous weather. An easy run where, for the first time in a few runs, I didn’t have someone push the pace on me. Total Miles: 3.8

Thursday 12/27 – Track – I had been struggling with both track and tempo workouts since after the Chicago Marathon. In fact, I hadn’t nailed a solid 800 workout since September. That all changed for this one. The plan was to do 6 800s with 400m rest, but I could’ve kept going. Legitimately the best I’ve felt running these. Total Miles: 6

Friday 12/28 – Easy Run – Any time I’m in Wisconsin I make a point to run at Foxbrook and around the lake. It’s my go to route. When I got home I told my Dad this run wasn’t hard, but wasn’t good, it just was. My heart rate would’ve said this was very easy, which it was, but it didn’t feel effortless. Total Miles: 5.1

Saturday 12/29 – Easy Run – Saturday mornings are for PRO and Pancakes. An easy 5k with the PRO team to start the day. Total Miles: 3.1

Sunday 12/30 – Rest

Total Weekly Miles: 22.6

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