The Week That Was: Training Dec 31 – Jan 6

Last week was, admittedly, kind of an odd one. And no, not because the calendar changed. But because racing on a Monday really throws everything off.

This last week was, however, another step in the right direction when it comes to consistent training. I’m getting there.

Monday 12/31 – Race – If you’re reading this, you’ve likely read my race recap for Run Into the New Year. Started way too fast, and suffered the consequences. One day I’ll figured the 5k out. Still, with an icy bridge and some rain I’ll take the 19:20. Total Miles: 3.1

Tuesday 1/1 – Rest

Wednesday 1/2 – Easy Run and Speed – Two runs? Yep. I wanted to do the CARA Winter Track workout, mostly to see who showed up and (as I mentioned to a friend) establish dominance over the group. Knowing that the workout 3x(2×200, 1×400) wouldn’t be too challenging, I opted for an easy 3 in the early afternoon. Total Miles: 8

Thursday 1/3 – Easy Run – Back to Busse. Those of you who know me know that during Fall Marathon training I ran at Busse Woods once a week. A nice 7 mile loop (with elk!) is a good distance for a relaxing run. Total Miles: 7.3

Friday 1/4 – Rest

Saturday 1/5 – Long Run – I finally journeyed out to the Morton Arboretum in Lisle to run with the CARA training group. What have I been missing?! Rolling hills in a figure 8 loop that nets around 7 miles? Filled with runners on a Saturday? Amazing. Total Miles: 12

Sunday 1/6 – Easy Run – I wanted at least 6 on Sunday, but my stomach felt horrible all day (thanks Buffalo Wild Wings) so I kept it short, easy, and close to my apartment. Total Miles: 3.1

Weekly Miles: 33.5

I was hoping to be closer to 40 total miles for the week, but Sunday kind of derailed that. Only a few more weeks until I throw down at the Pettit.

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