The Week That Was: Training Jan 7-13

Well, folks, winter has arrived (again) in the Chicago area. So expect lots of future posts to be me whining about the lack of places to run because of ice/snow.

This past week was another solid few days in the training cycle though. It may have taken about two months, but I feel like I’m finally back to clicking on constant training and workouts.

Monday 1/7 – Rest

Tuesday 1/8 – Tempo – You all know I like my Wave Tempo workouts. This week I did 6/1, 5/2, 6/1, 5/2 and then 30s each at MP, HMP, 10k, 5k paces. This was a solid one, and way better than my 1/1 workout a couple weeks ago. Total Miles: 6

Wednesday 1/9 – Easy Run – Pace wise, this wasn’t as easy as it should have been (whoops). But a new forest preserve and a second half tailwind resulted in a quicker than planned run. Or rather, an easy run turned progression. Total Miles: 6.15

Thursday 1/10 – Speed – Came back around to one of my favorite workouts: The Michigan. Even early in the day, my legs felt heavy from running and lifting, and that was noticeable in this workout. I cut the last tempo mile out this time. Total Miles: 7

Friday 1/11 – Rest

Saturday 1/12 – Long Run – Slowly but surely I’m getting the long run miles back up. This was the longest (non race) distance I’ve run since Chicago (NYC and Last Call being races). I wanted 14, but increasingly slick conditions due to the snow led me to cash it in at 13. Total Miles: 13

Sunday 1/13 – Easy Run – Went with my go to route along the Naperville Riverwalk. On a day after snow, I wasn’t sure how some of the other areas might be so I played it safe. Fairly easy effort. Total Miles: 4.3

Weekly Miles: 36.4

Like I said earlier, I’m slowly trending up on miles. As workouts and long runs get longer, this should continue. The coming two weeks will be a little lower due to some upcoming races. With the Pettit (hopefully) being a bigger one for me, I’ll probably scale back the long run a bit this coming week.

How are you handling winter running?

What races do you have coming up?

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