Diversity of Race Shirt Colors

This idea came to me when I saw that the Hot Chocolate Race Series is holding voting for the design of the next zip up hoodies. The options effectively being blue vs gray with blue piping.

I made the comment to another BibRave Pro that I couldn’t bring myself to vote for the blue, because it seemed like every race shirt I get is blue. Or at least a majority of them.

That got me thinking. Out of all the races I’ve done, what shirt color have I gotten the most of?

For this, I took into account all races I’ve done since high school (Thank God for Athlinks). So we’re talking 9 YEARS worth of race shirts. The shirt is any participation/finisher shirt received with race entry. So no extra shirts, hoodies, or jackets you can buy. Must be included in the race packet.

Next, I just lumped colors in, because I wasn’t going down the rabbit hole of light blue, royal blue, dark blue, etc. Except for neon yellow, which I felt didn’t fall into yellow or into green.

I was met with a couple surprises. But before I get into what those surprises are, here are the results:

Blue – 26

Gray – 17

Green – 9

Black – 7

White – 6

Red – 5

Orange – 4

Yellow – 3

Purple – 2

Neon – 1

First of all, holy shit that’s a lot of race shirts. No wonder I’ve been criticized for only wearing running gear – look at those numbers!

I was right about one thing: Blue shirts for days. I was also surprised I’ve accumulated two different purple shirts, just since it’s such an odd color.

For me, the biggest surprise was that Green was my third highest shirt. Of course, almost any race you run in March yields a green shirt, so that definitely factored in there. The somewhat comparative lack of Black was also a surprise to me. I wear a lot of my black race shirts, so I perceive having more of them.

Gray was interesting. One note here is that almost any race that has a participant hoodie, quarter zip, or the such is almost exclusively gray. I’m not complaining since gray is a good color on me (especially a darker gray) but I was surprised to see it pop up so often.

And can we talk about the lack of Red? Almost right away I realized Red would be lower on the list. Maybe this is a product of having gone to a school that was primarily red, and working for two schools also primarily red, but I need more red in my wardrobe.

Are there any surprises you found on this list?

What race shirt colors dominate your wardrobe?

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