The Week That Was: Training Jan 14-20

Now this was a wild week. I tried some new workouts, winter returned to the Midwest, and I kicked off the 2019 racing season. What more could you want? Let’s dive in:

Monday 1/14 – Rest

Tuesday 1/15 – Easy Run – I had a work event later in the day, so I pushed my run up to the morning. Looking for a longish easy run, I bopped over to the Morton Arboretum to run the 7 and change mile loop. It was a little chilly, but I had the roads almost entirely to myself. Total Miles: 7.5

Wednesday 1/16 – Hills – When I ran Blackwell a couple weeks ago, I saw on the map (and in person) a hill called Mount Hoy. What better place to go run some hills? This will be an awesome place for that, but maybe not in winter. The path was covered in snow, making sprinting up a hill…challenging. And then, for those of you who don’t Strava stalk me, I got attacked by a freaking hawk!! Yes, on my last interval I got dive bombed and circled by a red tailed hawk. And did it follow me for half of my cooldown? Yes it did. Total Miles: 4

Thursday 1/17 – Easy Run – I had never run Busse Woods in the depths of winter. Turns out, the bike path does not get cleared when it snows. Most of the snow was packed, so I could still move well, but the ice segments were a little tougher. Total Miles: 7.3

Friday 1/18 – Rest

Saturday 1/19 – Easy Run – This was supposed to be a medium/long run with CARA at the Arboretum. However, the snowstorm that hit Chicago cancelled that run and turned this into a blizzard run for me. This was another instance where I got out early enough that it was just snow and not slush, so it wasn’t awful. The wind was awful, though. Total Miles: 6.4

Sunday 1/20 – Race – The Samson Stomp 5k (full recap coming soon) runs through the Milwaukee County Zoo. The temperature at race start was a solid 3 degrees. This one was slightly slower than my time at Run Into the New Year, but on worse conditions and a tougher course. Total Miles: 3.1

Weekly Miles: 28.2

A little down for miles this week, but with the snow and getting ready for the Pettit that was fine with me.

This week will be easier in terms of what I run during the week. The Pettit Indoor Half is on Saturday, and I plan to roll the dice and aim for a PR there. That’ll be followed by the Big Chill 5k on Sunday.

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