The Week That Was: Training Jan. 21-27

Last week was officially race week. It was also a week of frigid temperatures in the Midwest. So let’s get to it!

Monday 1/21 – Easy Run – The plan was to do 5.5 mile with my co-pacer for the MKE Half, Emily. The -2 degree start adjusted that plan a little. She decided to opt for a treadmill, but being a crazy person I opted for an outdoor run. After negotiating myself down to stopping at 4 miles; I realized I felt good and decided to keep plugging along for 5. It was cold, but not dreadful. Total Miles: 5

Tuesday 1/22 – Rest

Wednesday 1/23 – Speed Work – Delayed my run until the evening to run some ladders with the CARA group in Naperville. The plan was 200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200 with a 400m jog between (only 200 jog after the first 200). The roads were still covered in a nice coating of snow which made this more challenging than it maybe should have been. Ran the second half faster than the first, which was a pleasant surprise. Total Miles: 5.25

Thursday 1/24 – Easy Run – Took to the treadmill as I wasn’t too thrilled about the prospect of doing a run in the horizontal snow that was coming down. This one felt absolutely terrible as my legs were feeling the workout from the night before. Total Miles: 5

Friday 1/25 – Rest

Saturday 1/26 – Pettit Indoor Half – The full race recap will be coming up later this week. In short, I rolled the dice and tried to sit on 1:23 pace. That backfired and I suffered tremendously. The Half distance has never really been my strength, and that definitely showed with an incredibly poor race plan at this one. Total Miles: 13.1

Sunday 1/27 – Big Chill 5k – Minus 7 at the start? Alright. Legs felt like rocks coming into this one, but ran surprisingly well. Never looked at my watch, and ended up churning out an 18:56, which is the fastest 5k I’ve run since F3 last year. Good enough for third OA. Total Miles 3.1

Weekly Miles: 31.5

Literally half of my miles this week came in the form of races. But now, there’s no racing on my horizon until the Flannel 5k on Feb 23 (which I still need to sign up for). And no big races until the MCTU.

I’m actually really looking forward to that, and to getting some quality miles in over the next month and a half or so.

Although this week I will run a PR of sorts. The coldest run I’ve ever done was a -14 jaunt a couple of years ago. With the high this Wednesday set to be -17, I should break that PR of coldest run. Hooray?


3 comments on “The Week That Was: Training Jan. 21-27”
  1. pktirish says:

    Be careful with that Wednesday run. -17 on the regular dial, around -40 to -50 with the wind chill factor playing its part.


    1. Ben says:

      I’ve got what I’m wearing all planned out. I’ve done -30 windchill before, and my cold gear has increased since then. Today will be good prep


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