The Week That Was: Training Jan 28 – Feb 3

Welcome to February! And to winter.

This week brought snow and cold to the Midwest. That, coupled with coming off a double race weekend, I wasn’t sure how my training would react.

In short, it wasn’t a bad overall week, but it wasn’t where I necessarily wanted it to be. The plan was to recover from the weekend and just get miles with no speed. Still, I planned a short tempo for later in the week, but that didn’t happen so much.

Monday 1/28 – Rest

Tuesday 1/29 – Easy Run – Tuesday began the cold streak, and I wanted to get out to test some cold gear. Did an easy run on one of my only longish loops that didn’t involve the river path or a forest preserve. Total Miles: 6.5

Wednesday 1/30 – Double Easy Run – The coldest day in the Midwest in decades. And of course, I needed to set a personal PR for coldest run ever. Got out for 4 and change miles in the -22 weather in the morning. Still, I wanted 7ish on the day, so I added a really easy 3 on the treadmill. Total Miles: 7.3

Thursday 1/31 – Rest – Unplanned rest as I came down with a head cold. Probably could have gotten some miles in, but after last year I’m not risking it.

Friday 2/1 – Rest

Saturday 2/2 – Long Run – I really wanted 15 miles on Saturday. But the lingering cold, and an icy/snowy Arboretum made for a more challenging run. Opted in for 12 in part because that was the group’s plan as well. Total Miles: 12

Sunday 2/3 – Easy Run – My Sunday run distance was entirely dictated by getting to 30 miles on the week. Plus, we hit the major temperature turn, with 40 degree weather! And you know that means shorts!! Total Miles: 4.2

Weekly Miles: 30

It was an OK week. Like I said, I was hoping for more, but this cold derailed that a little. Enough to not make me want to push at the least. One of my friends described occasional times in life being “Negative vibes and positive splits.” Sums up this week nicely.


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