The Week That Was: Training Feb 4-10

This was arguably my strongest week of training yet. The last week was my highest mileage week since before Chicago, and as of this writing, I feel really good with those miles.

Monday 2/4 – Easy Run – I knew I eventually wanted to move an easy Monday run into my weekly plan, and the start of February was a good time to do it. Logged an easy run to get the week off; short and sweet. Total Miles: 3

Tuesday 2/5 – Speed – On Tuesday I was still somewhat feeling the hangover effects of having a head cold. Because of that, I wasn’t sure how this would go. Overall, I was pleased. Notched 5 800s in Yasso-ish format, although the last three weren’t as even as the first two. Would’ve liked a couple more, but five felt good for how my legs and body felt. Total Miles: 5

Wednesday 2/6 – Easy Run – This actually ended up being a little longer than I thought it would be. Went back to my river route for the first time in a while; mostly because I was banking on it being cleared. Felt alright, but probably pushed the pace a little more than necessary. Total Miles: 5.1

Thursday 2/7 – Tempo – I altered my plan a little from what I intended. Instead of constant tempoing, I threw in a minute recovery between them. So really this was probably more akin to a 1500 workout with a minute recovery jog. Ran my miles very even which I was happy about. Total Miles: 6

Friday 2/8 – Rest

Saturday 2/9 – Long Run – FINALLY got over the 12 mile hump on a chilly morning. Got 16 big ones in the bag for my first solid long run in quite some time. The Arboretum is such a tough place for long runs with all of the hills, but I felt strong even toward the end. Excellent run. Total Miles: 16

Sunday 2/10 – Easy Run – Welp. As great as Saturday was, Sunday wasn’t. With temps above freezing and rain most of last week, I thought the trails at the Danada Preserve would be clear. Instant regret. The trails were covered in ice. Once it started to snow, I couldn’t differentiate ice from ground, so I gave up. Total Miles: 2

Total Miles: 37.1

I was SO sure I’d get over 40 miles this past week. But the ice at Danada derailed that. Oh well, still a solid week.

I’m not 100% sure what this week will bring. With another 1-3 inches of snow slated for Monday/Tuesday trail availability might not be there (my plan for Wednesday). I was also planning to hit the track for some 400s on Tuesday, but that too could be derailed.

I do have the Cupid Shuffle on Sunday, which will be another chance to roll the dice in a 5k. The course is hilly and might have some snow, so running under 19 likely won’t be in the cards again.

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