The Week That Was: Training Feb 11-17

This past week was kind of a weird week for training.

I feel like I’ve typed that every other week this training cycle, so maybe it’s just going to be a weird cycle. I got roughly (a little less) what I wanted for miles, but did it in a fairly nontraditional way. And don’t worry, if all goes according to plan, this next week will also be kind of weird.

Monday 2/11 – Easy Run – Ok, so the plan for this was 4 miles. But the route I pre-picked was wildly shorter than I thought it would be, and I had to weave the neighborhood just for 3. Whoops. Total Miles: 3

Tuesday 2/12 – Speed – 400s for days! I really wanted to run this on the track, but the ice storm we got in the Chicago area really hampered that. Instead I opted for the treadmill and ran the 400s a little slower than I would have on the track, but with 400m jog between instead of the planned standing rest. Throw in warm up and cool down, and this was my longest (and best feeling) run of the week. Total Miles: 10

Wednesday 2/13 – Easy Run – The treadmill was the story of the week (and likely will be again this week). Again, I wanted to tackle some forest preserves, but another round of snow prohibited that. Total Miles: 7

Thursday 2/14 – Tempo – This did not go as planned. With the Cupid Shuffle on Sunday, I wanted a longer tempo at a slightly slower pace. Instead of the standard MP/HMP Wave tempo, I did/attempted 85% MP and MP. It turned into a hodgepodge of 85%, MP, and HMP. Total Miles: 6

Friday 2/15 – Rest

Saturday 2/16 – Easy Run – Easy runs with PRO are never quite as easy as they should be. With lots of ice on the sidewalks, we were slowed a little at the start, but made up for it as the miles clicked off. Coffee and donuts awaited at the end. Total Miles: 3.3

Sunday 2/17 – Race – The Cupid Shuffle was round 3 (for me) of the Winter Run Series. The pro? It was warmer than the Big Chill. The con? Lots of snow. The snow covered course, and the 7% incline hill, made for a slow race. Still managed to pound out a 2nd OA finish. Full recap coming later this week. Total Miles: 3

Weekly Miles: 32.4

No legit long run this week, which is mostly fine. Like I said at the top, this will be another weird week with the Flannel 5k on Saturday. It’s extremely likely that the weather will dictate my mileage this week, but as of this writing, the plan is to get a double run day on Wednesday to get some quality miles.


2 comments on “The Week That Was: Training Feb 11-17”
  1. Juan J. Arrieta says:

    Good going Ben! I think you did great, in particular having to deal with so much cold/icy weather conditions. I’m not sure I would have gotten even half of what you got done.


    1. Ben says:

      Thanks Juan! It’s been such a grind with the weather in February. And I know it’s been no picnic for you all down in Texas either!


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