The Week That Wasn’t: Training Feb 25 – March 3

And we’re officially coming off my worst week of training this winter. And boy, winter has been the key to this, as the snow and cold in the Midwest is really wearing on me.

I didn’t run a ton this week. But did get a little non traditional cross training by helping my parents with a kitchen remodel. So it’s not like I was sitting around everyday (that’s what I tell myself at least).

A friend once told me that every marathon cycle will have it’s low point, and this past week was definitely mine. So let’s review the week that wasn’t.

Monday 2/25 – Easy Run – It was cold, and there was snow. So I opted for the treadmill, and knocked out an episode in my rewatch of Dollhouse. Easy run with paces fluctuating between low 9s and mid 7s. Total Miles: 6.1

Tuesday 2/26 – Rest – Or, as restful as trudging through knee deep snow in Northern WI can be.

Wednesday 2/27 – Speed – Knocked out some quick 800s and felt pretty good doing it. At this stage in training, I’m pretty happy that I can do lots of 800s on pace (Yasso pace) and feel not destroyed by the end. Did 7 on this workout, and will keep ramping that up over the next 7 weeks. Total Miles: 6.5

Thursday 2/28 – Rest (Unplanned)

Friday 3/1 – Rest

Saturday 3/2 – Hills – Got back to a classic HS hill workout…just longer than HS days. There’s a nice hill, with a loop that totals about .8, so the workout for Hill Circuits is to hammer the hill, and maintain a quick pace the rest of the loop. I may or may not have ignored a warmup (and cooldown) and just jumped right into this one. It took awhile for my legs to wake up, but I was laying down some 6:50s-6:40s during the workout, and it didn’t feel too stressful on my body. Good signs!! Total Miles: 5.2

Sunday 3/3 – Rest (Unplanned) – My big mistake here was not getting up and running right away. But a wind chill in the negatives crushed my motivation for a long run. As the day went on, my left hip continued to hurt more and more (still bugs me today). Probably because I didn’t warm up before hammering some hills…or because I moved a fridge.

Total Miles: 17.8

Not great. I mean, the workouts were. I just didn’t do anything else. Whoops.

We’ll see how this hip thing shakes itself out as the week progresses. I was hoping it wouldn’t hurt after a night of sleep, but it still does.

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