Race Recap: Flannel 5k

I’ve really procrastinated in doing this race recap (sorry). But Spring Break and vacation took precedence over everything else. Aka, I accomplished nothing last week.

The Flannel 5k is a part of the Chilly Willy Run Series in SE WI, one of the two run series over the winter in the area. The idea to run this one this year was actually brought to my attention by my Dad.

If you’ve followed the blog or my Insta, you know my affinity toward flannel running gear, and daily wear. My Dad mentioned this race had a best flannel award, and that previously a guy wearing a flannel kilt had won. Instantly, the competitor in me wondered how I could top that. The answer was obvious.


The forecast called for 30s and rain, which in a strange way would’ve been arguably the nicest weather I’ve raced in during 2019. That didn’t happen, as it started icing and snowing almost right away.

Both the 5k and 10k started at the same time. The course was an out and back down the entrance to the park, and then a loop around the lake. The 10k would do that twice.

As we started out, I got out in second place and crossed the mile just over 6:20. I was pushing, but not too hard; so definitely not hammering in this one. As we went back to the loop, it started to snow, and I knew I was comfortably in second.

Going into the wind, I notched a 6:30 second mile, and followed that with a 6:31 third mile. So nothing too crazy. And a lot of the race wasn’t of much note. After the first mile, I was running alone and on flat roads.

Ran in second place from start to finish, and was dubbed Flannel Cupid by the race.



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