The Week That Was: Training March 11-17

To say this past week didn’t go as planned is pretty much the understatement of the year. According to plan, I would take it easy for a couple runs, and then go out and attack the Music City Trail Ultra.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans…

Monday 3/11 – Easy Run – Ok, so my “easy run” pace is starting to get away from me a little here. But it’s hard to not run a little faster when we can finally wear shorts in Chicago!! Ran a small out and back on the Fox River Trail through Batavia, bringing back memories of the Fall 20…except this time it was 50 degrees cooler. Total Miles: 4.1

Tuesday 3/12 – Easy Run – The plan was to hit some single track action at Palos. But a scheduling error on my part left me too far away with less time. Because of that, I explored to Midewin Tallgrass Prairie. The paths weren’t so much conductive to running, but I saw some bison so there’s that. Total Miles: 4

Wednesday 3/13 – Rest

Thursday 3/14 – Easy Run – More like a wind resistance run. With gusts up to 60mph, running in the SpringBrook prairie may have been a foolish plan, but I’ve always wanted to run here. The wind made for a huge variance in my paces on this one. But it was also 60 degrees, so I’m not complaining. Total Miles: 5.9

Friday 3/15 – Rest

Saturday 3/16 – Long Run – “But wait, I thought you were running MCTU?” Me too. But a work conflict arose on Friday making it near impossible to get to Nashville (read: Pegram) at a feasible time. So that meant I was finally back with my crew at The Arb. Got a lovely long run with Sanjiv and Peter (even if they lied and went longer than they promised) followed by hours of coffee and conversation. And shots at Starbucks (yes, you read that correctly). Total Miles: 15

The crew and coffee

Sunday 3/17 – Race – So I still kind of wanted to race, and my legs felt really solid after the 15. Naturally, I signed up for a race that was only about 18 hours away. The St. Paddy’s Half in Bolingbrook. I will say, my legs didn’t feel as good morning of, but you all know how much I like double workout/races. Laid down a good time will impeccably even pacing on legs that did 15 the day before. I’ll take it. Total Miles: 13.1


Total Weekly Miles: 42.1

What was effectively a Plan B week turned into arguably my best week of training this entire cycle. When life gives you lemons, right?

This week (and weekend) is chalk full of different things. I’m planning to get my first speed workout in a couple weeks done (the specific workout is TBD). Friday will be long run day. I learned that the Shamrock Shuffle is doing a Mile on Saturday, so I’ll get a quick run at The Arb before embarrassing myself in an all out mile. And then Sunday in the Shuffle, which I’ll be taking a little more seriously with the absence of the MCTU.

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